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Visit our beautiful paradise in Greece

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Jan en Will

What our guests say…

wooden lodge hidden in olivegarden

Owners love and care was EVERYWHERE.

Just 10 minutes from Methoni in a quiet and tidy olive groove , we found our selves in a wooden lodge with a nice outdoor kitchen and a swimming pool , to spend ten beautiful days. Our kids where so enthusiastic as if they were living in a fairy tale and we all feel like a part of our selves is still there! Will and Jan have managed to offer their guests the feeling of nature combined with all essential comforts all balanced in harmony with this unique environment.

Can’t wait to visit again!


Athens, Greece, via Tripadvisor

Will in her garden

As I wrote on the lodge guest book it has been an wonderful experience for all of us. Especially for the kids , they can’t stop talking to their friends about it , they keep asking to book again and bring some friends together and that is what we are going to do! Don’t know what to admire first… the landscape , the wooden lodge , the pool , the silence… We were living in a state of dream enjoying nature in perfect balance with all facilities one could need , can’t forget this amazing outdoor kitchen and how nice it was to cook and then eat sitting in our private open balcony enjoying the breeze and the view of the swimming pool and the trees and the sky… But , once again , the most important part is you dear Will and Jan. Your aura is everywhere and fills the whole place with love and care and this is precious. From the warm welcome , our conversations , the barbeque we had , your discreet presence , your being there always willing to offer anything could be of need to your guests. One thing I know dear Will and Jan;
We shall visit you again to experience it in other season of the year too.

Costas Orfanos

Athens, Greece

the swimming pool
our greek house cat

Hakuna Matata is a great place for holidays. I spent 5 days here with my family and we had a wonderful time thanks to the relaxing atmosphere and the kindness of the hosts (Jan & Will). We loved the swimming pool, the pets and the olive grove that surrounds the place. The accommodation is very comfortable as well and it is super equipped with all the stuff you need.

I definitely would come back here as soon as I get the chance!

Michela Zanoni


the view of our terrace

We had a most relaxing stay at the well named Hakuna Matata lodge. A little feel of the African bush. The view, the nature, the sound of crickets, and jackals howling at night, our private terrace, comfortable and well equipped bungalow, the beautiful gardens and colorful butterflies, the swimming pool and the dancing swallows dipping in for a drink, and of course the hospitality of Jan and Will. Just amazing. Will prepared a varied breakfast each morning which we really enjoyed. Close by, Methoni is a quiet authentic village with good food, we recommend Palia Istoria, excellent home cooking, service and comfortable shaded terrace with green chairs. Our favorite hang-out beach is Lambes with the Destino beach bar which also serves delicious foods. The most beautiful area in the Peloponnese.

We’ll definitely return. Thanks for all, it was better than ever imagined!



view of the castle of Methoni
the lush green garden

We had a wonderful time with you. The lodge was a wonderful home to relax and enjoy the evening after one of our many beautiful wanderings in the Peloponnese. The outdoor kitchen was just super. Always live outside like God in Greece. Thank you for your tips on walks and excursions and for the hospitality and the delicious meal together. Friendship is in the little things and you are very good at it!

We want to be back!

Greet, Barney, Klara & Ameli

Jan the handyman

Hakuna Matata offers its guests a carefree and high-quality stay on its premises. Our passion for the children’s world helps them feel safe at Hakuna Matata, explore the environment from there and relax optimally at Hakuna Matata.


The mission of Hakuna Matata Holidays is elaborated in the vision. The vision provides a clear and targeted overview of the way in which Hakuna Matata Holidays works. In cooperation with the children and the parents, we identify everyone’s wishes, discuss the possibilities and do our best to realize them.

Carefree, we think is that: Parents and children can stay carefree at Hakuna Matata Holidays because Hakuna Matata Holidays does everything possible (within reasonable limits) to make the stay as pleasant as possible.

We believe in high quality: The accommodations and facilities of Hakuna Matata Holidays are made of the best available materials and are maintained from a proactive attitude. We must be careful with our earth. Hakuna Matata Holidays generates its own electricity by means of solar panels and collects rainwater to water the olive grove and garden. No pesticides or insecticides are used in our olive grove. An open, honest and clear communication in wishes, offers and invoices.

We think it’s safe for: All guests, visitors and employees of Hakuna Matata Holidays to treat each other and the available facilities, including the animals, with respect. Hakuna Matata Holidays works from an inclusive attitude. This means that Hakuna Matata Holidays accepts and respects others, sees diversity as an added value and assigns everyone the same rights and obligations. Hakuna Matata Holidays expects its guests to stay with the same attitude on the Hakuna Matata Holidays grounds.

We believe in passion for the world of children: starting from the possibilities of children, stimulating their ideas and wishes. Giving responsibility where possible, support where necessary. Be involved, empathetic and passionate.

We think exploring is: At Hakuna Matata Holidays we encourage the children to explore and investigate the available facilities in order to recognize and acknowledge their own needs.

We find relaxation is: Relaxing, finding peace and balance through pleasant activities or a pleasant environment. Unwind in an (optionally) internet-free environment. In collaboration with the region and from a holistic perspective, Hakuna Matata Holidays offers an optimal stay in a low-stimulus, but not boring environment.

Why this name?

We have thought long and hard about all kinds of names. English names, incorporating combinations of the service that we seek to offer, in creative cocktails. None of them encapsulated what we really mean. Until one of us, in desperation, sighed: ‘ Hakuna Matata ‘, and with that the name of our dream was born.

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili (an East African language) expression and means as much as: No worries. No trouble. There are no concerns/problems, only challenges.

Source: found on 29-05-2016 on: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakuna_matata

Our company name covers all aspects of what we want to offer to our guests. No worries, there are no worries or problems, just challenges. The link with the Disney movie The Lion King is quickly made and recognizable for children and parents. Our challenge is to offer our guests a wonderful, worry free time at Hakuna Matata, under the motto ‘no worries’.