What can you do at Hakuna Matata Holidays?

We at Hakuna Matata aim to ensure that our guests have a pleasant stay with us that meets their wishes. The list of activities below therefore is not complete. If you have additional wishes, we would like to hear them. We will do everything we can to fulfil your desires.
  • Painting: on a canvas or other materials, such as a beautiful stone that you found on the beach or a piece of wood from the olive grove or from the sea.
  • Processing stone: saw soapstone, sawing and sanding until you have the shape you want to make.
  • Taking care of animals: on our property we have a number of dogs and cats, who need care and like to play with and cuddle. In the chicken coop we can collect fresh eggs.
  • Gardening: if you like to take care of plants, we can work in the vegetable garden and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Swimming in the pool: needs no explanation!
  • Beach day: in the vicinity are several nice beaches, nice and quiet or close to the village Methoni with sun beds, umbrellas and a beach bar. The beach in Finikounda is also well known; with many restaurants in the background.
  • Snorkelling: if you look close to rocks and stones with a snorkel under water, you will see many different fish.
  • Boat trip: we can take you in our motor boat to discover a secluded beach and perhaps we will encounter a turtle!
  • Crafts: we have lots of things to tinker with and make beautiful artworks!
  • In the hammock: nice relaxing in the shade of the olive trees!
  • Baking pizza: we get started with the dough and decorate the pizza with things ingredients that you enjoy
  • Cake baking: nothing so tasty than a home-baked cake, all to your own taste
  • Greek, Oriental, Dutch cooking (or any other delicious dishes): cook to your taste and your whole family will eat!
  • Walks: long and shorter adventurous walks in the area or further afield with surprising views. Also in guided groups
  • Discover the Venetian fortress of Methoni: 600 years ago people lived in the fortress of  Methoni, it was built by the Venetians. At the fort we will search for antiquities
  • Picking olives during the picking weeks: during special packages in November and December you will pick olives with olives and have lunch in the olive grove