Mozaic workshop

Mid May I went to Joke, a dear friend of ours, living in a village nearby, to attend a mosaic workshop. We had discussed this a long time ago, but as it goes: without a specific date, nothing will happen! So this time we made an appointment as soon as they arrived in Greece. And how I enjoyed this day! Fully catered with coffee, tea, other drinks, a delicious lunch and lots of fun! But, and I actually came for that of course: a fantastic day full of new experiences, beautiful materials, a lot of information and expert guidance in creating my artwork! I made 2 beautiful name plates for our, new to be made, gate. Not in 1 day, that is too much: I went for another day of mosaic workshop together with a few friends!

Apo ton Lofo is written on the nameplates, in Greek and Latin letters and that means ‘van den Heuvel’, logical isn’t it?

Such a wonderful day costs including materials, lunch, coffee and tea etc, € 50.00; really a very cool activity! At the end of August Joke starts a new series of workshops so come over and book your day of Mosaic- experience!

Professional work from Joke. Obviously this is not a workshop result!