Traveling to Hakuna Matata Holidays during COVID-19 times

From May 15 Greece will open up again for international travelers. 

The prerequisite for entry into the country is proof of a completed vaccination or a negative PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours. Both documents must be drawn up in English.
This is the procedure for traveling by plane. For traveling by car & ferry check the website below.
It is not yet known whether the PLF form will be maintained during the tourist season.

The most current information can be found on this website: 


The trip to Hakuna Matata Holidays by plane, car and boat

We advise you to start investigating for the appropriate transport to Hakuna Matata Holidays in time.

 There are large price differences, so a thorough preparation usually pays off. Please let us know if you need more help in selecting your trip; together we certainly find out.

By plane to Athens or Kalamata

Most guests staying at Hakuna Matata Holidays travel via Athens Airport, Elefthérios Venizélos code ATH, or via Kalamata Airport, called Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos, code KLX 

 Car hire 

Although public transport by bus is well organized in Greece, it is much more comfortable to have a (rental) car at your disposal. It is by far the best to arrange the car rental from the home, well in advance. Car hire is arranged at the airport terminal. The major car rental companies sometimes have branches near the airport, where guests are transported back by shuttle vans. 

By car it is a 3.5-hour drive from Athens airport on a relaxed toll highway to Hakuna Matata Holidays, with no stops in between. The toll is approx. 20 euros, one way. 

Hakuna Matata Holidays is a 1-hour drive from Kalamata Airport. 


On your way from Athens / Kalamata, between the airport of Kalamata and the town of Rizómilo, you will find stalls where sweet oranges (and other local, delicious fresh fruit and vegetables) are sold; take a big bag with you! These oranges are delicious, also for pressing. An electric citrus press belongs to the kitchen inventory at Hakuna Matata Holidays!

By car

It is possible to go to Greece by car. It is a long journey but according to experience experts certainly worth it.

Here is an example of a route from the Netherlands to the North-Greek border near Albania.

By car and ferry.

The journey from the Western part of Europe is by France or Germany, through Switzerland and Italy, to one of the ferry ports in Italy. From Italy there are several possibilities to sail to Greece by ferry.