Leonie’s retreat

Thank you to Will and Jan from Hakuna Matata Holidays Greece for holding the space during the special retreat of my year training Matrix of Joy. For your warmth, humor and genuineness. We were really pampered.

If you are searching for a nice healing space for a small group, check it out! Ideal for deep workouts. And especially ideal for the many constellation work we did.

Under ancient olive trees we practiced family constellations and writing meditation, we dived into the roots of trauma, of mistrust and fear, of disconnection. We healed the diseased roots in our history, the roots that no longer received nourishment, because love once stopped flowing. It really couldn’t be more symbolic. And so much love moved again!

Do you feel a “yes, I want my love to flow too!”,
send me an email: info@joeybrown.be  to discover what possibilities there are to let your love flow again.
I will work with you to start your journey to your flowing love.
All info can be found on my website https://www.joeybrown.be

A special word
of thanks to
Nikos Nikolakopoulos
for his breathtaking soundbath!