The Palace of Nestor

The ancient palace of the famous King of Pylos, Nestor, is 14 km away from modern Pylos. It is the most characteristic remaining palace of Mycenaean antiquity. The place where, according to researchers, the old Pylos was situated. It is the best-preserved Mycenaean palace in all of Greece. Throughout history there have been many attempts to find the Palace of Nestor, but only in 1939 the first remains where found. The excavations are still continuing with the aim of revealing all parts of the palace.


The palace is about 40 meters long. The entrance portal to the main entrance is characterized by a column in the middle of the opening. On the other side of the entrance door, too, there was such a gatehouse with one column. Behind the entrance is the forecourt with a gallery with two columns.

The entire palace consists of four buildings, in which there are several living and use areas. The total number of exposed spaces in the palace stands at around 150. The most important living area that has been found so far is the so-called “throne room”, in which there is a round hearth.


In addition, a number of other important rooms have been defined by archaeologists, such as storage rooms for weapons, olive oil and wine. A waiting room, a courtyard garden, a kitchen, bedrooms, a bathroom and a Queen’s Hall with adjoining spaces have also been exposed.
Visitors to the site can also view the arched grave attributed to Nestor and his successor Thrasymedes, as well as other archaeological finds found during excavations at the Museum of Chora.